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A Nutritious Delicious Cup a Joe!

Posted by     on August 20, 2015

Dr Della Parker_A nutritious Delicious cup of joe

A nutritious delicious cup a Joe!

So I have to share this amazing thing that I have found. A patient mentioned it to me, I tried it and now I am obsessed! It may be old news to you so I added some other cool info to keep you interested.

Let’s talk coffee and tea… But first, caffeine. In general, caffeine can be a pain in the rear.  It can negatively affect the adrenal glands, kidneys, nervous system, GI tract, and the list goes on. But if you are able to tolerate the stuff, read on! First off, I recommend you limit yourself to one cup in the morning only. This goes back to the whole adrenal fatigue idea. You see, your body is supposed to be more stimulated in the morning, it’s called the cortisol cycle. It is run by healthy adrenals (who has those right!?) High cortisol in the AM, low in the PM, so you can go nighty night, that’s the goal. Don’t drink the stuff in the afternoon or evening. You will be messing with your body’s natural rhythm of stimulation and will pay for it in grogginess the next day. Most of us are well aware of a pleasant side effect of our morning cup… the brew poo!

“I don’t drink coffee, I drink tea, organic herbal tea.” I hear that all the time. People are trying their hardest to be healthy.  Here is some inside info to think about when it comes to “organic tea” or-gan-ic means “relating to, or derived from living matter.” We generally translate that to mean, grown without pesticides or other yucky stuff, right? Well, the FDA doesn’t really have a strict definition of the word, but this is the word on the street…

Here is what is happening with many products; Now that they are grown without the yucky stuff, they are termed organic. They then can be sprayed with God knows what in order to sustain the product’s viability in order to be shipped. Those tea leaves are like little sponges for those chemicals. Now you steep those little caffeinated or decaffeinated leaves in hot water making a wonderfully perfect liver bomb! Your herbal tea may not have caffeine but now your liver is backed up processing all those chemicals. Coffee beans, with all their flaws, at least have a hard shell to protect them from soaking up all those chemicals. It’s just a biased argument I use to justify my need for morning coffee…

Decaf coffee you say? It’s all good, but you know it still contains a small amount of caffeine right? Just letting you know. Side note; A cup of coffee in pregnancy is fine! Maybe even good for you if you drink it the way I’m about to tell you. Trust me, I was pregnant in medical school and my son is just fine… I think! The daily recommendation in pregnancy is less than 200mg of caffeine. There are 95mg in 8oz of brewed coffee, 6mg in 8oz of decaf, and 64mg in 1 shot of espresso. Ok! Back to decaf! Please don’t drink regular decaf coffee, ever! Talk about a liver bomb. They use chemicals called methyl chloride to get the caffeine out, ewe! Swiss water decaf is the way to go. Swiss water decaf is decaffeinated using water! Imagine that. It is easy to find if you look, even brewed at your local Dutch Bros.

So there is my opinion on coffee and tea but here is the deliciousness you’ve been waiting for…

Step 1 Brew your organic coffee (or Swiss water decaf)

Step 2 Melt down the following ingredients
                ½ tsp organic butter
                ½ tsp coconut oil
                organic honey to taste (I drink black coffee so use none)

Step 3 Pour the melted goodness in your coffee

Step 4 Buzz it up in a magic bullet for 5 seconds

Step 5 Enjoy the most nutritious delicious cup a Joe you ever put your lips on!

What are the health benefits of butter? Real butter we are talkin’. Not I can’t believe I’m eating chemicals butter or margarine, I’m talking the good ol’ delicious butter. The stuff they told you was bad for you for years but now is a new health food because previous medical research sucks! It won’t cause heart disease I promise! According to Weston Price (and he was really smart), men that eat butter run half the risk of heart disease than men who eat margarine. Butter also supports a healthy brain, gut, thyroid, and more. Butter contains butyrate which feeds the good bacteria in your gut. It also contains vitamins A, D, K, E, iodine and selenium. So eat it, eat it often, or in this case drink it!

What about coconut oil? It is good for you too! It contains medium chain fatty acids, which help with glucose tolerance for all you diabetics. They help to increase weight loss, what?! Yes, these medium chain things are harder for our bodies to store as fat and are there for burned off more quickly. Coconut oil has also been shown to increase HDL, the good cholesterol! It is also antimicrobial and antifungal which can help support your immune system.

Yay! If you are going to drink your coffee, add all that good sh!t to it so you can drink it proud! Then say neener-neeener-neener to all those tea drinkers.

To read more about good fats and healthy eating visit my food page.

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