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6 Tips to Fight Sinus Problems

Posted by     on January 29, 2019

Dr Della Parker_Summertime Allergies & How You Can Help Them

The season for sniffling, sneezing, sinus pressures, and allergies hasn’t ended yet. As we go into spring, many of us experience the sinus and allergy-related issues that cause exhaustion and discomfort. By knowing the causes and conditions that are aggravating your ailment, you can treat it accordingly to relieve undue sinus pressure and congestion.

Here are 6 tips to help relieve symptoms related to sinus problems.

1. Find the underlying cause of your symptoms. Some people have conditions that make them more prone to sinus problems than others, such as narrow sinus passages or a deviated septum. Nasal polyps may grow in your passages and block drainage. Find out if anything is making it more difficult to keep those pathways open and adjust accordingly. Your sinus pathways must be kept open so they can drain properly.

2. Make it humid. A hot and dry climate will dry out the membranes in your nose. When mucus dries, it gets thicker and is more likely to clog your sinuses, causing pain and pressure. Using a humidifier in the room to keep the air moist will help to alleviate sinus pressure and pain.

3. Clean out the gunk. A saline solution can help you remove allergens, irritants, and excess mucus. Try a drugstore saline spray or make your own solution at home to use with a nasal irrigation system, like a Neti pot.

4. Open your sinuses. You can open up spaces in your sinuses by simply applying a warm, moist washcloth to your face several times a day. You can also keep your sinuses open and prevent mucus from drying up by inhaling steam two to four times a day. Sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running to inhale steam. By drinking fluids, you will help thin out music and get rid of it more easily.

5. Clean the air. The are many types of airborne debrtis that can make your sinus problems worse, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, cleaning products, hairspray, and any other material that gives off fumes and toxins. Stay away from smokers or ask them to go outside. Stay inside on days when air pollution levels are elevated. Also, if allergies are the cause of your sinus problems, consider asking your doctor if a HEPA air filter would help you.

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