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5 Common Household Products that are Triggering Cancer

Posted by     on December 30, 2015

Dr Della Parker_5 Common Household Products that are Triggering Cancer

Each and everyday we touch millions of product, many of which contain cancer causing or cancer triggering chemicals. Attempting to minimizing your daily exposure to these chemicals may seem impossible, they’re everywhere! Just by eliminating or replacing one product at a time you’ll be able to reduce your lifetime exposure to these cancerous chemicals. Look over these 5 common household products that are triggering cancer and start the New Year with some healthier options.


Gah, this is one of the worst. First I have to say that I think we slather WAY too much of this on. There is a time a place for it but I think as a society we are addicted to the stuff. A little sun is good for ya remember.

Just don’t burn please.

Now most commercial sunscreens contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, and homosalate all of which are problematic. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are common active ingredients and the issue here is the way they are manufactured they are easily absorbed through the skin.

Preferred brands are:

Badger Balm Sunscreens

Aubrey Organics


This is one most people don’t consider. And many of the commercial tampons and pads contain harmful chemicals and considering the vagina is HIGHLY vascularized these chemicals are very easily and readily absorbed into the system.

They both have been bleached with chlorine and contain dioxins, plastics, synthetic fibers and synthetic fragrances, all of which do NOT need to be inside the body.

So it will behoove you and your vagina to buy non-toxic brands that are dedicated to organic practices and ingredients like:

Seventh Generation



This category is kindof a can of worms, so ill just tell ya what to look out for and then what brands are the bomb.

Avoid products containing:

1,4-dioxane, chloroform, phthalates and toluene. And they aren’t always listed in the ingredients so it’s really best to avoid commercial cleaning products in general.

Really water, vinegar and baking soda can get most jobs done.

But if you like buying them brands I like are:

H20 at Home

Seventh Generation



Our food absorbs what it’s cooked in. now if that’s butter than awesome, but if its perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) then not awesome.

If something says “non-stick” or “Teflon” most likely you should run the other way.

Cook in cast iron, stainless steel or copper.

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SRC: Learn the 5th common product in your household that contains cancer triggering chemicals at: www.drtandacook.com/cancer-causing-products/

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