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4 Normal Poop Colors for Your New Baby (and 3 warning colors)

Posted by     on September 11, 2018

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The biggest surprise new mothers have with new babies is the variety of poop colors they encounter. Colors can change within days of having baby home and new colors can appear depending on whether you are breastfeeding or using formula.


Greenish Black Poop

You should only see this tar-like poop when your newborn is 2-4 days old. It is called meconium. It will seem thick and sticky, almost like motor oil. After 4 days you should start to see the poop color transition towards yellow. This is good news. Your baby is starting to digest breast milk or formula.

Mustard Yellow Poop

This is the most common color for breast-fed babies. You may see specks of white “seeds” sprinkled in the poop. These are partially digested milk solids and are completely normal.

Hummus Brown Poop

This is only slightly darker than the mustard yellow poop and more common among formula-fed babies. You might see some white “seeds” in this version too. These are also partially digested milk solids and are completely normal.

Dirt Brown Poop

As your baby gets older and you have transitioned to baby food, the poop will get even darker to a brownish color.


Chalky White Poop

When poop is white, it usually means your baby is not producing enough bile. You will want to call your doctor right away if you see this one.

Raspberry Red Poop

This is also a warning color. If your baby hasn’t been a on a steady diet of beets, cranberries and tomatoes, this could be a serious intestinal problem and you should call your doctor right away.

Black Poop

If your baby is more than 5 days old and still producing black tar-like poop it could indicate your baby is having digestive issues. Call your doctor right away.

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