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Archive for September, 2017

7 Ways To Optimize Your Bedroom For Sleep

Posted by     on September 29, 2017

Dr Della Parker_7 Ways To Optimize Your Bedroom For Sleep

Do you wake up after sleeping a full eight hours still feeling tired or wake up throughout the night feeling wide awake? If you don’t get quality sleep on a nightly basis your health can suffer! Sleep deprivation can weaken your immune system and accelerate tumor growth. With so much stress and technology in our […]

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Nutritional Response Testing in Clackamas

Posted by     on September 21, 2017


 What Is Nutritional Response Testing? Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) is a non-invasive, yet very precise tool used to evaluate the health of organ systems and identify nutritional deficiencies. This technique uses muscle testing and organ reflex points to gather information. A weakened muscle response correlated with pressure over an organ reflex point, identifies stress in […]

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Winter Is Coming! Dr. Della’s Top 5 Immune Boosting Posts

Posted by     on September 15, 2017

Dr Della Parker_Winter Is Coming-Dr Dellas Top 5 Immune Boosting Posts

In the hit series Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming,” is used as a warning to help those prepare for all the perils of a colder season. You too can heed this warning by prepping your immune system to fight the colds your kids bring home from school, the colder weather stressing your immune system, […]

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Dr. Della’s Top 5 Holistic Health Blog Posts

Posted by     on September 8, 2017

Dr. Della Parker_mom_campaign_SUPER_02

3 Little-Known Causes of Restless Legs Syndrome If you find yourself in bed welcoming sleep yet kept awake by the urge to move your leg, than you may have Restless Leg Syndrome. Restless Leg Syndrome affects 4%-29% of adults in Western populations and is a major contributor to sleep loss. Learn three factors that could […]

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Holistic Health Care in Clackamas

Posted by     on September 1, 2017

Dr Della Parker_naturopathic_doctor_in_Clackamas

Holistic health care is a great option for anyone looking for answers and a long-term solution rather than a quick symptom fix. There is nothing worse than feeling ill or simply not yourself, going to the doctor’s office seeking an explanation, and leaving with a prescription and even more questions than when you arrived. Doctors […]

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