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Archive for September, 2016

6 Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Posted by     on September 22, 2016


Many of us are able to find motivation when starting a new diet but maintaining that momentum is an entirely different story. Stop forcing unnatural diets upon yourself and start losing weight without having to think about it. A few simple adjustments to the way you view food can significantly improve not only your waistline […]

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Citrus Cold Recovery Smoothie

Posted by     on September 14, 2016


Have a cold? Blast that cold away with this Citrus Cold Recovery Smoothie. This smoothie will help boost your immune system with antioxidants like vitamin C contained in the beets, oranges, pineapple and lemon. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, wash your hands, and rest! Citrus Cold Recovery Smoothie Print Recipe CourseBeverage, Breakfast, Smoothies […]

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6 Benefits of Holistic Treatments

Posted by     on September 7, 2016


Modern medicine typically treats a health condition in the same manner for nearly every patient. Using the holistic approach, multiple patients with the same symptoms may be treated differently depending on the root cause of their symptom. A naturopathic doctor can use holistic medicine to identify what is causing a health problem, discover why the […]

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