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Archive for October, 2015

Tick or Treat?!

Posted by     on October 31, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Trick or Treat_Halloween Candy

Trick or Treat?! Trick please! Well, maybe not, that spike in adrenaline isn’t so great for those struggling adrenal glands. But it would beat the hell out of eating all that sugar! Sugar, that wonderfully tasting poison. This is the topic of today’s Halloween blog. It tastes delicious and kids go crazy for the stuff. […]

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Eating When Traveling

Posted by     on October 29, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Eating When Traveling

Knowing what to eat or how much to eat is a real challenge for most of us. Many people can get in a good routine when it comes to eating at home but when we go out things get…more complicated. So, what about eating while traveling? Sounds like a diet disaster, right? Wrong! Follow these […]

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Why We Get Sick and How To Get Well

Posted by     on October 21, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Why We Get Sick and How To Get Well

Today we’re facing the most serious epidemic of chronic diseases as a human species with half of all US adults diagnosed with at least one chronic health condition. Most patients who have conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and autoimmune disease are told that the cause of their condition is unknown […]

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What’s The Deal On The D?

Posted by     on October 16, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Whats the Deal on the D_Vitamin D

What’s The Deal On The D? It’s that time of year… well it’s supposed to be anyway. It is 80 degrees in October as I sit to write this blog but normally we are experiencing sunshine withdrawals and I’m sure they will start any day now. Let’s prevent that all too familiar seasonal depression jive […]

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Hanging with Fungi Increases Your Odds of Survival

Posted by     on October 8, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Hanging with Fungi Increases Your Odds of Survival

Mushrooms have powerful immune-boosting effects making them the perfect candidates for a healthy addition to your diet. Some mushrooms are so beneficial they have huge potential for battling cancer, without any toxicity to healthy cells. Explore the health benefits of mushrooms and learn how hanging with this Fungi can increase your odds of survival, below. […]

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By-golly it’s your gallbladder!

Posted by     on October 6, 2015

Dr Della Parker_By-golly it’s your gallbladder

By-golly it’s your gallbladder! So you are burping, farting, and feeling nauseous. Wondering what you ever did to deserve this torture? Let’s talk about the most common cause, gallbladder dysfunction. What’s a gallbladder do anyway? Well, it stores and secretes bile. Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It gets released […]

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