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Archive for September, 2015

5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy

Posted by     on September 24, 2015


Pregnant? Congratulations! When you’re expecting a baby many things change such as the way you feel, the way you think and even the way you eat. Everyone should  listen to their body especially while it’s building a new life. Fighting the body’s natural demands during pregnancy is not beneficial to you or your bun in […]

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Up Up and Away!

Posted by     on September 22, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Up Up and Away_Airplane Travel health

Up Up and Away! As I board my flight to continue my education for the weekend, I began thinking about my pre-flight routine. I’ve always stayed healthy while traveling, knock on wood! So, as the man next to me hacks up a lung I am compelled to share. There are germs everywhere on a plane. […]

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Food Additives Lack Safety Testing

Posted by     on September 16, 2015

When the world’s largest producer of cereal announces they’re going stop using artificial colors and flavors in their cereal and snack products, it says a lot about what people don’t want in their food. That’s right, by 2018 Kellogg cereals and snacks will no longer contain artificial colors and flavors due to drops in sales from Americans seeking foods with less […]

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6 Questions Everyone Should Be Asking Themselves

Posted by     on September 9, 2015

Developing new healthy habits can require quite a bit of effort at first. Once you’ve established a new habit your set, right? Wrong, for the majority of people it takes consistent reinforcement to maintain healthy habits. Then those health routines you’ve develop may need modification as your life evolves, as most of our life’s do. Creating […]

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Detox 101

Posted by     on September 7, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Detox_101

DETOX 101 Backyard BBQ’s are lessening. The weather is getting colder. You may be craving that icy cold beer or cocktail a little less. Time to detox! I’m telling you, it’s the perfect time! You are getting back into a routine with school starting anyway. Get er done before the holidays come around! First, let’s […]

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