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Archive for July, 2015

Roadblocks to Healthy Weight Loss

Posted by     on July 28, 2015

Dr Della Parker_Roadblocks to Healthy Weight Loss

Roadblocks to Healthy Weight Loss   Eat right and exercise it should be that easy, right…wrong! First, what does “eating right” even mean? It doesn’t mean counting calories or giving yourself an anxiety disorder surrounding food. It means eat real food! Protein and veggies mostly. Is it earth made or man-made? I say go with […]

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How to Treat a Sunburn Naturally

Posted by     on July 22, 2015

Our skin requires regular sun exposure in order to keep our vitamin D levels where they should be. Sometimes we allow our skin to receive too much sun exposure, causing painful skin damage in the form of a sunburn. You’ll want care for your sunburn immediately and mother nature has provides us with  a handful […]

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Blood Sugar

Posted by     on July 14, 2015

Let’s talk blood sugar… The highs, the lows, the cravings! So you’ve got an elevated hemoglobin A1c? What does that mean anyway? Well, hemoglobin A1c shows us what your blood sugar has averaged over the past 3 months. So you can’t blame this elevation on the cupcake you ate yesterday. More like all the cupcakes […]

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